What To Know When Booking Your Bridal Glam Team



Now where do you even start when looking for a glam team? What questions do you ask? What information do you need to know to make this go as smooth as possible? I'm going to go over everything I've come across so far and tell you the top questions I get asked. There are some things & info you should gather BEFORE you even reach out to a hairstylist or makeup artists.

Doing your homework prior to reaching out can save you a lot of time. Do they have a portfolio you can look through? Check to see if the work they do is a style you like, some stylist specialize in clean classic looks while others may specialize in mermaid-y boho looks. Yes, some do both but just make sure you have a good idea of their abilities beforehand.

I understand you may be in the beginning phases of wedding planning but, gathering as much info as possible will save you time and will allow the stylist to give you the most accurate information as possible.

Keep in mind what your budget is. I'm sure your wedding planner or the wedding planning blogs you've inevitably read will go over the lists of musts for you. If you don't know about the list, pretty much you list off everything that goes into planning your wedding, dress, food, hair&makeup, venue, photographer, decor, ect. You then go through the list and say what your MOST importing things to you are, some brides may want to spend a little more on the dress & some it's the hair and makeup. So wherever hair & makeup lies with you, keep this in mind when you start reaching out to stylists, if you're looking for a highly sought out stylists you may be looking at a pretty penny.

1. Wedding date

It doesn't do any good to get rates if the stylist you're talking to is booked. If you're hoping to book a specific stylist, reach out as soon as possible!! Some stylists book out a year in advanced, especially if you're deciding to get married in

peak wedding season.

Here is a rough estimate on popular seasons.

Coasts: April - June

Desserts: October - April

Mountains: April - September

Questions to ask: Is there a deposit to hold the date & is there a cancellation policy. if you're getting married during a holiday weekend or a holiday itself (halloween and NYE weddings are popular) assume there is an additional fee, traveling during holiday weekends can be brutal for stylists, so they charge an extra fee.

2. Location:

Know where you're going to be getting ready, will you be needing on-location services? if so, the stylists needs to know how long it's going to take them to get to you.

Question to ask: Is there a travel/on-location fee?

some stylist have a specific rage they're willing to service before they charge a travel fee.

3. Time:

What time do you / wedding party need to be ready?

This is a big deal, the stylist may need to bring an assistant to make sure everyone gets done on time. The stylist will also set wedding day appointments to manage time and give you peace of mind on the day of.

Question to ask: Is there an assistant fee? Is there a fee for services needed before 6am? yes, some stylists charge an early bird fee if they have to be there before 6am.

4. Services Needed & Rates

How many people will be needing services? Which services are needed (hair, makeup Or mens grooming)? You don't need to know the styles right away because the stylist will send over the rates so you can discuss it with your party. The stylist will just need to know roughly how long it will take them to complete your bridal party and if they need to hire an assistant (which may be an added charge)

Also make sure you let your wedding party know they may not be able to do day of add ons. Will you be needing a touch up hour?

Questions to ask: Do the rates cover a Bridal Trial. Some stylists have packages that include a trial some may not but may put a portion of the trial cost towards the wedding day services if you book within a certain amount of time after the trial. Do they have a service minimum? Do they offer a touch up hour?

6. Refund Policies, Scheduling & Late Fees

Every stylist does this differently but you want to make sure that you understand their refund policies. When you book a stylist, this ensures that YOU have that day/time and they don't book anything out for that day so. If you find another stylist a month before the wedding you want to use instead, well... you may not get your money back. The stylist could have turned down other potential jobs to honor the agreement you had so keep that in mind.

Late fees, stylists work with either you or the event coordinator to make sure your day goes as smoothly as possible so we create a schedule to help. So if your wedding party is late and causes the stylist to wait/run behind schedule this may result in a fee.

We get it, wedding day is always so exciting and theres a lot going on but it's so important to make sure everyone shows up on time and ready to their appointments. This means coming with clean dry hair if they didn't book a blow-dry.

The stylist creates a schedule to give the bride peace of mind so if you do your part, you will have a calming and stress free bridal suite day of.

Setting up your trial:

During the trial is when the stylist really goes into the hair and makup questions (that is a totally another beast and can do a future post on that) but the basics are...

Are you wearing any hair accessories?

Do you have your veil ready to go? If not, you may want to hold off on setting up your trial until that arrives so you can get an idea of what everything looks like for the day of.

How many styles are you planning for the day of?

And have your hair inspo pictures ready to go.

-What to expect on the day of -


I can only speak for myself and what I do so here's the skinny:

1. I do require a deposit to save your date but only after the trial has been done, no I do not include a trial in my rate.

I only offer two packages for bridal & bridal party hairstyling, I have broken down my services under classic and glam. (please email for rates)

During your trial I book out 2 hours for hair so we can try a couple different looks. We will also go over contacts & scheduling. Once you place your deposit sign the bridal contacts & approve the schedule you're all set.

2. On the day of I arrive 30 mins prior to the first appointment to set up. This includes setting up my work area with a pop up table (if needed), ring light and directors chair.

(I do not charge a travel fee for Orange County, San Bernardino or Coachella Valley regions but, I do have a service minimum of at-least 2 people.)

3. Once everyone is complete and has their touch up kits, my work is done!... Unless you've requested a touch up hour.

4. My main goal is to bring the salon experience to you and your party & to make sure you and your party look amazing and totally stress free on the wedding day.

I understand that this is one of the biggest days of your life and its not a job i take lightly, You have many choices of stylists so you can be sure that I'm a reliable and more than capable.

I use only the best high end product on my clients such as Oribe, R+Co, Kevin Murphy, & Redken.

So thats pretty much everything I can think of, if I remember something else I will be sure to update this entry!!

Good luck with the wedding planning!!