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I have your date available, Now what?

So you've inquired, and now you know I have your date available… now what? Well the next steps will look different depending on your situation.


So let's map out the next steps in your Bridal hair adventure.


Scenario one: You've been eyeing my work, my style matches your vibe and you're all in. We lock in your date with a contract and a retainer and set a trial at $150. Boom, your day is officially reserved for you. 


Scenario two: You're a bit more cautious, and that's cool too. You like what you see but want to test the waters. No problem! We'll set up a trial at $200, with a soft hold on your date until after the trial. 

Trials must be booked with a date within a month of inquiry to dodge any date thieves.  


Post-trial, you've got a 72-hour window to claim your date before it's open season for other brides. 


So, whether you're ready to commit or shopping around, I’m excited to work with you!!



All previews are held in costa mesa, Ca. You may book your appointment directly through the booking link Below.

On-site previews where I come to you and are available Mon-Thursday, Please contact me for availability and booking. 

Trials are 2.5 Hours to allow us to nail down your look. This allows for time to play with variations of one look. If you would like to try multiple style for example, Hollywood waves and a low bun updo, those would be two separate trials. 

The address is:

2915 Red Hill Ave unit G102 Costa Mesa, Ca 92626

Please note that goole maps will take you to the C units, the red dot on the image.

Please refer the the image, we are right next to the Durty Nelly's pub with the orange dot.

Hair Trial Prep Guide


  • Please come with your hair clean and air dried. If you Have fine hair or hair that has trouble holding a curl, please do not condition. 

  • Please wear a white shirt

  • If you would like to book a blowout for the wedding day, I will shampoo your hair in the salon for the preview.  If your preview is scheduled to be on-location, please have your hair freshly washed but not conditioned. 

  • If you need a clip in extension application, bring them with you. 


*If you're interested in hair extensions but do not have them. you need to be color matched. Please set up a consultation prior to your appointment so we can order the hair and do your trial once the hair is in. 

  • Appointments are 2.5-hours long, they don't always take that long but this gives us time to really dial in your wedding day look.

  • If you're undecided on if  you want an updo vs. down, we will always start with the down look and transition into the updo. This will maximize your appointment time. There are times when 2 separate trials are needed and will be discussed during your trial. You can always send your inspiration to me and I can give you an idea if 2 trials are a good idea for you. 

  1. Hair accessories you may want to wear

  2. Veil if you have it

  3. Hair extensions if you're planning on wearing you them

  4. Inspiration photos (front & Back). Try to find 2-3 photos also,  similar hair color to yours




Okay, so the trial is done and you love your hair. It's time to lock your date down. I'll send over your contract for review

along with an invoice for your retainer. 

Once I get everything back, I'll provide you with an invoice for your balance broken up into two payments, 1/2 due 30 day before the date and the remaining 1/2 due 7 days before your date. 

You may also pay in full 30 days before the date.

Please note that your date will only be reserved once this important step is completed.

Anaheim Hills Bridal hair and makeup, Orange County bridal Hairstlist
Let's Plan Your Wedding Morning
Beauty Timeline

It’s time to collect your details, click on the "Event Details" button to fill in the essential info. Share your getting ready location, ready time, and your day-of coordinator's information. 


Don't forget the fun part – spill the details on those chic but habitually tardy bridesmaids.

We'll work our magic on the schedule to strategically place them on the timeline so it doesn’t throw off the whole schedule. 

Your Wedding Day Prep Guide  

This guide will also be emailed to you in your timeline packet


  • The artist will arrive 15 minutes before the first appointment to set up.

  • Please have a designated area for the artist that has an outlet and natural light available.

  • We will have chairs and a table so will need a decent amount of space to work in. 


  • Please come with a clean face (no lotions or creams. Your artist will prep your skin unless otherwise discussed)

  • Please remove eye makeup left over from the night before (that includes pesky mascara). Having to remove this may cut into your application time.


  • Please come with clean dry hair or at max 1 day old depending on how oily it gets.

  • Appointments do not include time to dry hair for brides or bridal party, nor does it include clip-in installation for the bridal party.

  • If you would like to add these services please let me know as soon as possible so I can make the appropriate changes to the wedding day schedule.


  • I Recommend everyone has at least 2 inspirations photos, front and back.

  • It’s very common to have a photo inspiration of makeup or hair you like. One great tip is to find inspiration of makeup or hair styles on subjects with similar features as you (for example if you are blonde hair/blue eyes, avoid finding looks of brown eyes/brunette as your inspiration.)


  • If you have any specific request when it comes to makeup or hair services that haven’t been discussed, be sure to chat with your artist or hairstylist as soon as they arrive to the bridal suite.


If you feel inclined to add gratuity, we accept cash, zelle and Venmo.

Thank you! 

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