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Hair Colorist in Newport Beach, ca

Hair and makeup in Newport beach, ca

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If you're new to my chair, I highly recommend scheduling a consultation with me before booking your first appointment. This way, we can have a chat about your hair goals and make sure we schedule the right services for you. 


If you're feeling unsure about which hair service is right for you, don't worry - I'm here to help! each service is described to help you make an informed booking.

If you're still unsure of which service is right for you or maybe you want a new look and don't know what services will achieve your desired outcome,  I offer consultations both in-person at the salon or virtually, whichever is most convenient for you. I can't wait to be a part of your hair journey!

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Hair      Styling

Blowout           $80/$40 with Color service

A blowout is a hairstyling service where hair is washed, dried with a round brush, and styled using a blow dryer. The goal of a blowout is to create a smooth, polished look with volume and a sleek finish 

Haircut          $95 /$75 with color service

Whether you're cutting off a centimeter or 12 inches off, this is to clean up your dead ends and add movement to your hair 

Event Styling/updo          $115/$155 with shampoo & blowdry

If you have an event or family photos and would like your hair styled to look amazing in any photo. Add a Blowout.. $40

Bridal Trial          $200

To perfect your wedding day hairstyle, Add a blowout....$40

Non Bridal Makeup           $85

If you have an event or family photos and would like your makeup to be photo ready.  Airbrush Not Available. 

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Hair     Color

Root Touch-Up         $135

A root retouch is a hair coloring touch-up specifically addressing new hair growth at the roots no more then 1.5'' regrowth. Includes a Blow-dry

Gloss          $80/$40 with Color service

A toner is a hair treatment that adjusts or enhances the tone of color-treated hair, neutralizing unwanted undertones and adding depth or richness. Add a blow-dry $40

Root Shadow          $75/$40 with Color service

Softens the contrast between the regrowth and the previously colored or highlighted sections of the hair. Root shadowing can add depth and dimension to the overall hair color, resulting in a more blended and natural look.  Add a blow-dry $40

All Over Color         $190+

A single hair color to the entire head of hair roots to ends. Add a blow-dry $40

Full Highlight          $265+

Foils or hair painting all over the head, resulting in an overall lighter appearance. Full highlights are often chosen when the goal is to significantly lighten the hair or achieve a more dramatic contrast between the highlighted and natural tones.

Add on a blow-dry $40 and or Gloss $55

Partial Highlight          $190+

Foils or hair painting focusing on the top layer and hair around the face. Unlike full highlights, which cover the entire head, partial highlights are more targeted, creating dimension and depth. This method is often chosen for a more natural look, providing a sun-kissed effect and enhancing the overall texture and movement of the hair. 

Add on a blow-dry $40 and or Gloss or Root Shadow $55

Mini Highlight.        $85

Highlights that are applied on the front hairline to add brightness around the face. this is a great mini service between your full or partial highlight appointments.  

Add on a blow-dry $40 and or Gloss $55

orange county hair colorist
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Orange County Hair colorist
OC Hair Extensions
Orange county hair extensions

Tape-ins 3 Packs

Beaded Wefts -2.5 rows

Hair        Extensions

Beaded weft $150 per row

1 row: Adds Fullness

2 rows: Adds fullness and some length

3 rows: adds fullness & maximum length.

great for shorter hair clients looking to add lots of length, 

Beaded Weft Mini Move Up $75 Per row 

Not all methods are eligible for a mini move-ups.  methods that qualify for a mini move up; Original row must've been done by me. 

Beaded weft removal- $50 

Tape in: Move up $18 Per sandwich


Tape in: New Install $15 Per unit

I-TIPS Install/removal  - By Consult

KERATIN  Install/removal - By consult

Keratin Smoothing Treatment $300

Davines Masque $20


Scalp Treatment $50

Should be done seasonally to remove any build up and dead skin on the scalp.


Wet Hair
Hair Salon
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