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Lets talk pricing

Let's start with the cost of getting your hair done. For example $265 for a Balayage, I included the toner, B3 bond protector (I don’t have this and an add on option because I want your hair to stay healthy after your service) and the blow-dry style. Many salons charge extra for all of these, but I believe you should know the total cost before you come in. As a client you guys may not know everything that is covered for us stylists. heres just a little insight on the back end of our pricing, we pay for our: Lightener, developer, bond protector, toner, styling products, coloring tools, shampoo, conditioner, foils, our education ( as stylists it's part of our jobs to stay up to date with the trends you all want and those classes can be very expensive) water, electricity, marketing, our time and SO much more.

After the initial cost of getting your hair done, it’s up to you to maintain your look at home so, good products are so important. I'm not trying to sell you anything just educate you on the importance of hair care. when I became a stylist I always said I would never pressure my clients to buy something they didn’t want. However these things are a NECESSITY to maintaining your look at home. You need the right shampoo and conditioner to help keep your color fresh, the right hair conditioning treatments to keep it healthy and the right styling products to achieve the hairstyle we created for you in the salon.

As hairstylists we want you to absolutely LOVE your hair, but we can only do so much, after all I only have you for that one day, until you come in for a touch up so, what you do at home is CRUCIAL. You spend all this money to get your hair done, why would you go to a drugstore and spend 5$ on a shampoo? You’re literally throwing MONEY down the drain.

So next time you’re thinking about getting your hair done I would add 60-80$ for maintenance products, its an investment, trust me.

When you come in showing a beachy wave inspo picture that you cant create at home, I like to give you all an in-person hair styling tutorial while you’re in my chair, so you feel comfortable recreating it at home. I want you to love your hair and feel like a million bucks every day so I'm always willing to spend a little extra time educating you on how to style your new hair.

Cheers to good hair days EVERY day.

-Bri V

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