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What you need to know about Color Corrections!

7 Hour color correction

Where do I even start with color corrections?.... Maybe a prayer and a couple Hail Mary's? In all honesty, color corrections can sometimes be a wild card. There are many different types of color corrections, ranging from removing fashion colors to go natural (sometimes the hardest to correct), poorly done highlights or even going too long between your color can result in a correction. It's important to find a stylist who can educate you on the process.

Strand tests are crucial in these times because we sometimes don't know what the outcome options will be until we get in there are see what your hair is going to let us do. As the client its important to understand what your stylist is telling you, yes you may want to be blond after you've had purple in your hair, don't we all, but a safe stylist will perform a stand test and let you know what your realistic options are. TRUST us, please understand we're not trying to be the bad guy when we say the look you want may not be achievable, we only want the best for your hair health. On the bright side, the look may sometimes be achievable but just in multiple sessions but its important to be flexible with your hair goals.

So you've had a consultation & found a brave stylist to correct your hair. What should you ask and discuss?

Time: Color Corrections can take a long time depending on the severity of the situation. No one likes to admit their hair is a project but let's be real, I've had clients in the salon for 11hrs to fix what they thought was "an easy fix".

Prepping and arriving for your appointment: You should have purchased a take home deep conditioning treatment or have done one with the stylist during the consultation, to give your hair some love before it undergoes "hair surgery". You should also arrive with your hair clean and dry so we don't have to take the extra step to wash and dry your hair before your service.

Money: Alright here is the sensitive subject, i hate to say it but color corrections can range from 300-1300 (sometimes even more) most salons will charge an hourly rate due to the unpredictability of this service. also, if you are going to a stylist/ salon who charges an hourly vs a la carte, do not constantly watch the clock, because sometimes we need to go in and "spot correct" meaning balance out splotchy color. These are definitely art forms and if you trust your stylist (which you shouldn't even be sitting in their chair if you don't) they are more than worth the money. You're paying for their skill and outcome and so be prepared for the cost. Also its important to note if budget is a concern there are always options, that's why it's important to be flexible with the end result and going in for a consultation so these things can be discussed.

Maintenance & Pre-booking your next appointment:

Okay so the number for getting your hair corrected might be a little scary, but you can sleep easy knowing it wont be that much every time you get your hair done.... unless you go too long between your hair appointments, which is why pre-booking is crucial. not only does pre-booking for toners or retouches secure your spot it also can give you peace of mind knowing it will not be a correction in the future.

Your hair journey doesn't end when you leave the salon either, it's a whole new world after you've invested in your hair. It would be a shame if you went to your local Walmart to get you hair care supplies and washed your fresh toner/color out in the first week, it's literally like washing money down the drain. With that said, take care of your hair, use the proper (salon grade) shampoo & conditioners, toning hair shampoos or masks and styling products. (a heat protector is a MUST, it's like an oven mitt for your hair) and a weekly hair mask. Your hair will thank you later.

Okay now that you've got the skinny on color corrections, go forth and skip the isle in the grocery store with the box dye.

Happy hair days!!

-Bri V.

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